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5 Tips to Start Off 2023 With a Health-Conscious Mindset

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

As truck drivers are on the road hauling our goods to destinations across America, they put long hours and have demanding schedules that often times leave them with very little time for their selves and their families. We are very grateful for the sacrifice and dedication to keep our daily lives operable.

Like in all things in life, a balance of our family time, career, and time for ourselves is very essential. This post will focus on some tips to help for all of us start off 2023 with a health-conscious mindset that will provide longevity and improve our quality of life with our friends and family.

Pay attention to the following 5 tips that will improve your life on the road:

1. Try to carry small workout equipment like elastic bands, jump rope, dumbbells etc. in the cab. These small articles can provide you with the ability for workouts at truck spots or rest stops without needing bulky equipment, or visit free gym equipments in the parks nearby where you are at the moment.

2. Picking healthy snacks at truck stops that can sustain you with quality energy throughout the day like Almonds, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, or choosing a salad wrap instead of chips and candy. Unfortunately, being on the road does not always offer the ability to cook huge meals and meal prep so.

Deciding the right snacks can play a huge part, avoid fruit with high sugar content like strawberries, grapes, mangos, and bananas as they can produce high levels of glucose. Fruits like kiwi, oranges, apples, grapefruits, and avocados do not need refrigeration to maintain fresh and can provide a healthy snack.

3. Limiting the caffeine intake is a must, as caffeine can lead to restlessness and anxiety, which can be counterproductive for long shifts. Too much coffee, Sweet Tea, and soda no not fuel our brain as we have that misconception. If possible, try to avoid these products as much as possible and enjoy them with moderation in order to maintain focus on the road while being behind the wheel and not suffer the side effects of high consumption. Vitamin C and B can supplement you with the extra energy required and can be found at your local market.

4. Having a time to relax and taking your mind from work can be a very rewarding practice. Using some old classics like crossword puzzles, reading a book, or a hobby that does not require much to be able to keep in the Truck cab that does not take much room in the Cab. With Technology today, we have the ability to stream Television shows or movies that can provide some relaxation time. There are online games that can also be streamed to a tablet or mobile device that can also decompress and offer some entertainment.

5. Finally, having a time for meditation, turning electrical devices off and taking a few moments to catch your breath. Working with constant deadlines can be strenuous, therefor having a moment to meditate and stretch is relaxing and great for one's overall health, enabling one to gather the right composure before continuing on the journey ahead. There are breathing exercise, stretching, and meditation practices online today to suite your needs. Stretching can help our posture and offer another form of a light exercise that can be done in 15 minutes.

Every day, we can make small adjustments to improve our daily lives. The New Year is an awesome time to set goals and to look back at the previous year and asses how far we have progressed as individuals. It is a tangible point in our calendar that offers a reset and a time that we can reflect on the time to come. Try adding some of these practices to your routine and one drop at a time can also fill the bucket, meaning making small adjustments is sometimes more effective than trying to make huge adjustments to our routine, as we are creatures of habit. We want to wish you and your family the best 2023.

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